April 19, 1775 – The Battles of Lexington and Concord

The morning of April 19, 1775 saw soldiers of the British Army arriving at the Massachusetts town of Lexington. Their mission was to seize and destroy militia weapons and ammunition, but the local militia, known as Minutemen, stood on Lexington Green, awaiting their arrival. During the stand off, a someone fired a shot, which led the British troops to fire at the colonial militia. The Minutemen dispersed, and the British headed toward nearby Concord.

At the Concord North Bridge, a small group of militia battled a force of British soldiers. At this point, the British commander decided to retreat back toward Lexington, as it became evident that more and more Minutemen were arriving from all of the local villages and farms.

During this retreat, the British kept to the road, while the American farmers fired at them from behind trees, walls and any obstacle they could find. When the British force returned to Lexington, they were met by a relief column. The combined British units then headed for Boston. The Minutemen continued to harass them the whole way.

By the end of the day, British casualties numbered 273, while the colonials suffered only 94, 18 of whom fell during the initial clash at Lexington. The American Revolutionary War had begun.

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Update on the Burn Ban for this weekend’s TAB

From – Heather Hill, Booshway:

Mickey Dave and Judy worked really hard and kind of worked a miracle for us and got an exception to the fire ban. The exception is for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only. If you go in on Thursday, I am sorry you will have to use your Coleman stove. Because of the ban we will give everyone a choice to use a fire or to use a coleman stove. The booshway (me), the segundo (Kelle), the dog (and dawg) soldiers, and the Board will be watching camps. If you leave your fire unattended someone will put it out. Sorry. That is the way it is. We are subjected to be visited, inspected, whichever you prefer so we need to make sure we have a 2 foot cleared area around our fire pits and need to make sure our fire pits are at least 8 inches deep was it. The same people listed above will be checking on that. There will be a fire extinguisher at the bulletin board and on the firing line. So if someone needs it they are there.

Sounds like it will be shinin’ times!