Hemp rope resources

I recently grew tired of using the stinky rope they sell at the local hardware stores (also called “sisal rope,” by those in the settlements) in my shelters and was looking for a more period-correct alternative.  Rope is an extra with wedge tents and the like, but is crucial to setting up a good diamond fly or lean-to.   Increasingly, I am going back to my diamond fly days when flying solo at events.

I have heard that hemp rope was more period, but also harder to come by.   It’s also lighter and much stronger.  While searching for the same on the internet, I came across a company that not only offers different diameters of hemp rope, but also hemp webbing and cloth as well.

In addition to their rope, Turkey Creek Trading Company and Forge offers a selection of event and trekking goods – and a good variety of trail foods and dried edibles.

Thinking the breaking load was optimistic (about 3-4 times the strength of sisal rope) I ordered some of their 8mm rope for my diamond fly (803 lbs breaking weight).   Being a fan of spreading shipping fees across multiple items, I also ordered some parched corn for an upcoming pack-in.

The rope arrived and it was dense and extremely strong.  Though it worked great (I could have kept my diamond down in a gale), it was probably overkill.   I am going to order the smaller (6mm – closer to 1/4″, 404 lbs breaking weight), which will pack better and be easier to tie into knots.  They make an even smaller rope at 4mm (3/16″, 215 lbs breaking weight), but I thought this was just too thin . . .

Oh, and the parched corn was great, too.   I am planning on trying out their Salt Cured Bacon at a Fall event, but more on that later.

You can check out their website here