Huzzah to Wikipedia for blacking out their site to raise awareness about SOPA. Google has also blacked out their homepage image. I am sure there are more . . . The SOPA legislation would allow websites to be blocked in the name of copyright infringement.

But what does this mean?

What if you talk about a movie on your personal blog? Link to a YouTube video of an 80s song you love? Maybe …put up a movie quote or two? Are you infringing a copyright – can a movie studio or record company protest your “unfair” review or “use” of their content?

Could your website be blocked?

What if you were spreading a message that The Man didn’t like and you happened to include some of the above content? What a convenient way to silence your voice!

The problem with vague legislation is that it has a way of morphing into something far worse.

This is called unintended consequences . . .

The internet is the last bastion of freedom on our fair planet – where you can search for and find information about what’s going on around you and draw your own conclusions – without the bias of corporate news that is always pushing some agenda.

The internet allows you to talk to people that share your interests and beliefs, and let’s you be strengthened knowing that you are not the only one out there that feels the way you do.

Do what you can to keep the internet free – please sign the petition to block SOPA.

Once the shackles go on . . . it will become much harder to remove them.