Looking to sell a Left-Handed Hawken .54

I received the below notice about a left-handed Hawken gun for sale.  If you are interested, you’re welcome to contact Patrick.

Hello my name is Patrick and I live in San Angelo. The rifle is Italian made and was purchased at Cabelas a few years ago. I’m selling the rifle due the fact that I don’t have the time nor the place to fire the rifle on a regular basis. The rifle was fired approximately 30 times. Many Items come with the rifle. . .


The items included with the rifle is as follows, Pyrodex Powder, Measuring Powder Horn, Wad Patches, Shot, Primer Caps, Extra Ramrod, Cleaning Kit & Manuals. Also with the rifle, I’m giving away the 2 half-full antique boxes of 410 shotgun shells shown in the picture… I’m sending what pictures I have, pick out what you need, Thanks Patrick


.54 Hawken

He is asking $500 and can be reached at in_nirvana@msn.com

– Many Rifles

Great deal on Brown Bess on Gunbroker – $500

There are currently no bidders on a great looking Brown Bess musket and bayonet on Gunbroker.

Here’s a pic:

It looks like it may be a Pedersoli 2nd model, which is an extremely nice and well-made Bess.

The auction ends at 6/19/2011 1:04:01 PM ET – so take a look, if you need one of these for a trekking arm or to complete your persona.

Here’s the link.

Good luck!

Holy Howdah!

I was recently looking at the Dixie Gun Works site looking for some new plunder for the upcoming season and this little monster caught my eye:

Get this . . . it’s a double-barrelled pistol that comes in 20 gauge, .50 caliber, or with one barrel of each. Though it’s a little outside of of the mountain man period, it is percussion, so it would slide at some less strict events. I dare you to whip it out on a pistol shoot or walk . . .

At a cost of $550-625, it certainly isn’t cheap – and with two 11 1/2″ 20 gauge pistol barrels – it ain’t subtle, either!

The original Howdah Pistols were designed to defend a hunter – most likely a Victorian-era British noble, soldier, or imperialist – from his howdah – the carriage on top of the elephant that the more well-to-do set used in the later 1800s.

This one would make a great back-up pistol for hunting dangerous game in North America. Someone be sure and drop me a line and let me know what exactly this kind of game would be . . .

It would also be a great way to defend your camp or lodge from the random mountain man after your jug or maybe even a way to rival your neighbors’ late night cannon hijinks – with blank loads of course.

More on Howdah pistols on wikipedia.

The pistol on Dixie Gun Works’ site. And Pedersoli’s website.

It’s not period-correct for the Rendezvous, but you are sure-as-Hell welcome to bring one into my camp. 🙂

– Many Rifles.