Update: Fritztown Annual Fall Rendezvous – October 14-16

Update from Jack:

Fall is officially here, but the hot temperatures are trying to hold on.  Sure is, however, great to wake up to the cool mornings and that makes me think of Rendezvous Time!

The Fritztown (FFT) Annual Fall Rendezvous is a little over a little over a week away.   I have updated information concerning the memorial to Gene and Kathleen Nagelmueller.  It will begin at 4:00 p.m. that Saturday at an old tree Gene used to deer hunt at.  All FFT events will end before 4:00 and give everyone plenty of time to make it across the ranch.  After the memorial, dinner is being provided by the Nagelmueller Family so there is no need to bring a potluck meal for Saturday night.  Thank you Shirley, Heath and the rest of the Family.

Also, we are not doing a prize blanket as I stated earlier in the flier (enclosed has not been modified), but will instead handout cash prizes for the winners of each FFT event.

A special thanks goes out to Heath and Layton Nagelmueller, Glenn Darilek, Rusty Hathaway, Craig Segner, Bruce Shulter and David Williams for all their help at last Saturday’s work day in getting the site ready.  It looks awesome!

To promote our friends at the Comanche Peak Muzzleloaders, they are having a rendezvous this weekend, October 6-9, 2016 in Palestine, Texas.  Contact Chuck Morrison (Iron Horse) at chuck.morison@yahoo.com

(254) 392-3546 or Mike Roberts (Teeny) at mchlroberts90@gmail.com (817) 487-6853.  Flier can be found in events section of www.buckskinning.org

Have a great week and see you October 14-16!

Jack Simons (210) 846-6375


The Fritztown Freetrappers always put on a great event, so take advantage of the improving weather and go join them!

Fritztown Rendezvous Work Day, 10/1

With the Fritztown Rendezvous a little over a month away, we are asking for volunteers to help clean up the site at the Nagelmueller Ranch.  If you can make it, the Fritztown Rendezvous

Work Day is Saturday, October 1, at 9:00 a.m.  It could still be hot, so we are getting an early start.

We’ll be cutting back brush, providing a little maintenance to the hooter (aka outhouse), touch up archery targets and blocks, if necessary and a variety of other things.  Be sure to bring gloves and plenty of water.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me or call 210-846-6375.

Your booshway, Jack Simons

Fritztown Free Trappers 2016 Fall Rendezvous


Fritztown Voo Map

Details posted for the Texas Association of Buckskinners Fall Rendezvous!

Come one, come all for Shinin’ Times at the TAB Fall 2015 Rendezvous!!

The booshway will be Bill “Bobcat” Brewer and events will include Rifle, Archery, Knife & Hawk, Fire Starting and the 1st Annual William Tell/Ernest T. Bass Rock Chunkin’.

Tea time will commence after the conclusion of events.

Mickey Dave Johnston has most graciously donated a 9’x9’x7’ wedge tent to be raffled off during Council Fire Saturday night. Tickets are available for purchase at Rendezvous. All proceeds benefit the Texas Association of Buckskinners.

More details, including directions are posted on the Events page.

Deep Winter TAB Update – Spear chunking and Atlatls at next Rendezvous

Update from Richard for the Texas Association of Buckskinners Deep Winter Rendezvous (Jan 24-26, 2015):

Since Linda Olsen will be running the spear chunking and atlatl events at our next rendezvous, I ask her if we are able to bring our own equipment to enter the event. The answer was yes so use the ones offered by the club or bring (or make) your own. Though this is more of a “fun” event, it still has pretty good prizes. I may have extra river cane for darts (that’s what you call the 5-6 foot arrows) if you want to make your own so bring those extra arrowheads with you.

Winter/Spring 2014 Events Update

Just updated the Events Page with some new events this winter:

Texas Association of Buckskinners will be having their Deep Winter rendezvous on a new place near Cameron, TX .    Big John is the booshway for this event, so you know it’ll be a good one.

Grey Wolf has put out the word that Texas Free Trappers will be hosting their 20th rendezvous out at the Shiner, TX site.   He’ll be having a work day for the site on Feb 1st.

It’s still a ways off, but The Fritztown Freetrappers spring rendezvous will be taking place at the 2nd Annual Living History Timeline event, just outside of San Antonio, TX.   Keep an eye out for details, as that should be a pretty awesome event.

Don’t forget about Southwest Regional Rendezvous – which will be hosted near Lampasas, TX.   It’s been a long time since it’s been in central Texas, so if you are in the area – don’t miss it!

Hope to see you down the trail!

– Many Rifles

Feedback on the site and correction

I received some nice comments earlier today on the site and also a correction:

Great article on beginning buckskinning but I must say there is a small error on your explanation of a Caplock rifle.  You say a small cap is used, called a nipple…. Yes a cap is used, but it is placed on the nipple, the nipple is an integral part of the make up of a caplock gun.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

You might want to look at my webpage as well.

Wynn “Bears Butt”

I fixed the page, but who knows how long I had that incorrect information on the site.  I guess it goes to show it takes a village to edit a website.

Thanks for the feedback and comments, “Bears Butt”!

Would love to hear how he got that rendezvous name! 🙂

New forums section added to buckskinning.org!

I wanted to drop everyone a line to invite them to join the new online forums I set-up on the website.

This is a new online messageboard/forums area for our club, as well as other buckskinners and friends who happen to stop by. For those who are new to this type of site, forums allow you to post information and pictures in an open format, where other registered users can reply/respond to your message. It’s like having a conversation in writing. But the good part about a forum, is that all of the messages are archived, so you can read back (and search) on past topics. So if someone posts some good information on getting started in the hobby (like Patsy did on the email chain yesterday), a recipe, follow-up to an event, or a good tip – it is always available online. There is also a For Sale or Trade section where you can post items that you would like to sell or trade, or post about something you are looking for.

You can get to the forums by clicking here directly or by going to the website and clicking on “Campfire Forums” in the left-hand navigation section of any of the pages.

You need to first register for the forums, which helps prevent spam on the site. You can do this directly on the website and it’s totally free. =)

Hope to see everyone there!

– Many Rifles