Women of the Fur Trade

Women of the Fur Trade

Tonda and I have enjoyed being members of it. Katie York is a member as well, and Blue Cheek too. We’re the only ones here in Texas, so far. If any of you other ladies are interested in joining WFT, please contact one of us, and we’ll give you all the help we can.

Here is a list of the WFT requirements for membership:

And the application page:

The first 5 requirements are mandatory, and you must do 5 others of your choice from the list for the first level of membership.

The second level requires that 10 different requirements (your choice, from the list) be completed, and the last level required the remaining 10 requirements to be done.

It’s great fun, and a real challenge, but the ladies are really helpful with sharing their individual and collective expertise on-line through the list, even if time and money constraints keep some of us from actually meeting up with them at places like Ft. Bridger, etc. Tonda has completed the first 10 requirements and gotten her sisterhood, and is working on her second batch of 10. Katie and Blue Cheek are working on their first 10, and so am I.

I’ve almost got the first 10 done, just need to finish braining and working that deerhide that I started last January at the AMM western national up in north Texas. I started it up there, got it fleshed one day and half-dryscraped the next but had to quit when it started sleeting on me and the hide was getting wet. I finished scraping it the other day up at Cuz’s house, 98 degrees and humidity about the same – talk about extremes in weather! 🙂 Could have picked a nice spring day to work it but nooooooooooo, that would have been to easy! 🙂 I’ll get it done before the 2-year deadline is up in October though.

It has pages and pages of articles (mostly research papers done by the WFT ladies) on varous aspects of primitive skills, and loads of pictures of the ladies in their terrific buckskin dresses doing all sorts of stuff, camping in the snow, canoeing down the Snake River, using and making bullboats, etc.

Real good article there with pictures on making side-seam & winter moccasins too: http://www.womenofthefurtrade.com/wst_page11.html

I was honored that they chose to let me submit my Hanta Yowin research paper on the use of natural pigments on painting on rawhide and braintan, for my WFT research paper as well, and even more so that they chose to put it up on their website here: http://www.womenofthefurtrade.com/wst_page18.html

– From Patsy Harper

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