You Might Be a Buckskinner if…

Received this via email and thought it was too good not to pass on . . .

You Might Be a Buckskinner if . . .

You set up a hawk block in your yard.

You have a closet designated just for period clothing

You determine which new vehicle to buy based on the amount of camping gear can fit into it

You spent more money on beeswax candles than on light bulbs last year.

You display more canvas then the local art gallery.

The smell of wood smoke lowers your blood pressure and makes you smile.

You will pay $80.00 for a linen hunting shirt, but refuse to squeeze out $12.99 for a half-decent oxford at Wally World.

You proudly display historical weapons in your house, but your modern firearms are all in put away in a storage closet.

You go modern camping with friends and show up with candles, lanterns and no flashlights.

The power goes out and you grab candle lanterns instead of using the readily available flashlights.

Your house looks like an armory, museum and/or taxidermist shop.

You have various parts of animals laying around your house.

You have a separate room in your house designated for camping equipment.

Your wedding gift to your spouse has the word “baker”, “wedge” or “wall” in it.

You look into the trunk of a friends new vehicle and think about how much gear you can pack into it.

You and your friends have a totally different meaning of the term “roughing it”.

You think the participants on Survivor are wimps.

You see someone you’ve known for years and don’t recognize them in modern clothing.

You have seen bed sheets, bed spreads or even drapes that you thought would make good clothing.

You’ve driven past some open land and thought, “What a great place for a rendezvous!”

You’ve worn wool even when the temperature tops 100 degrees.

Your kids can correct their history teacher.

You have been asked in a gas station if you are Amish.

In a conversation with a co-worker about camping, they all think you are insane when you tell them what type of gear you use.

You see a beautiful girl in a bikini and wonder what she looks like in a bodice.

Your $36,000.00 vehicle sits in the rain so your $200.00 tent can stay in the garage.

You plan the pregnancy of your child so it has the least impact on your re-enactment schedule.

You will eat items that have fallen onto the well trampled ground around a campfire, but not if it falls on your kitchen floor.

You have two levels of hygiene, “at events” and “at home”.

You own your own artillery.

You annually dispose of your Halloween pumpkins by cutting them up with various tomahawks to test which one works best.

And Finally:

If you’ve contemplated relocating your family to another region that has more rendezvous.

One thought on “You Might Be a Buckskinner if…

  1. “…. when you stop an examine every road kill for freshness and hair slip.”

    “… when you are amazed at how much equipment the Survivalman carries.”

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