Details posted for the Texas Association of Buckskinners Fall Rendezvous!

Come one, come all for Shinin’ Times at the TAB Fall 2015 Rendezvous!!

The booshway will be Bill “Bobcat” Brewer and events will include Rifle, Archery, Knife & Hawk, Fire Starting and the 1st Annual William Tell/Ernest T. Bass Rock Chunkin’.

Tea time will commence after the conclusion of events.

Mickey Dave Johnston has most graciously donated a 9’x9’x7’ wedge tent to be raffled off during Council Fire Saturday night. Tickets are available for purchase at Rendezvous. All proceeds benefit the Texas Association of Buckskinners.

More details, including directions are posted on the Events page.

Looking to sell a Left-Handed Hawken .54

I received the below notice about a left-handed Hawken gun for sale.  If you are interested, you’re welcome to contact Patrick.

Hello my name is Patrick and I live in San Angelo. The rifle is Italian made and was purchased at Cabelas a few years ago. I’m selling the rifle due the fact that I don’t have the time nor the place to fire the rifle on a regular basis. The rifle was fired approximately 30 times. Many Items come with the rifle. . .


The items included with the rifle is as follows, Pyrodex Powder, Measuring Powder Horn, Wad Patches, Shot, Primer Caps, Extra Ramrod, Cleaning Kit & Manuals. Also with the rifle, I’m giving away the 2 half-full antique boxes of 410 shotgun shells shown in the picture… I’m sending what pictures I have, pick out what you need, Thanks Patrick


.54 Hawken

He is asking $500 and can be reached at

– Many Rifles

Update on 13th Annual Pre-1840s Pilgrims’ Camp and Swap Meet

13th Annual Pre-1840s Pilgrims’ Camp and Swap Meet – January 24-25, 2015
The folks at the Cowboy Action Shooting Range outside of Columbus have once again graciously volunteered their facility to provide a friendly, safe, informative and fun place for “civilians” and “old hands” to explore their interest in living history. The range is located just Northwest of Columbus, Texas off of US Hwy 71. Plenty of camping space is available.

Saturday afternoon forensic sculptor, Amanda Danning will give a talk on putting a face on the remains of two of La Salle’s settlers. David Martin will give a presentation on indigenous natives of Texas at first European contact and the success of the French and the failures of the Spanish to interact with them. And Charlie Yates will give a talk on the Mexican artillery positions at the 1836 Battle of the Alamo and what they tell us of Santa Anna’s strategy.

There will also be a limited amount of range time for those wishing to shoot. Jerry Tubbs will be in charge of the range and will have rules and procedures for the firing.

The event is open to living historians, reënactors, interested individuals and groups. In conjunction with the “Pilgrim’s” Camp, the “old hands” are encouraged to bring their surplus gear, equipment, clothes and accouterments for an old fash-ioned trading session and swap meet.

There is a $10 general registration fee to help defray expenses and period dress is not required, but it is encouraged. Wood will be provided and if you’d like to help out, bring a chainsaw for a wood cutting party on Friday. For additional information contact Jerry Tubbs at (telephone 713-973-1136) or Charlie Yates at .

Deep Winter TAB Update – Spear chunking and Atlatls at next Rendezvous

Update from Richard for the Texas Association of Buckskinners Deep Winter Rendezvous (Jan 24-26, 2015):

Since Linda Olsen will be running the spear chunking and atlatl events at our next rendezvous, I ask her if we are able to bring our own equipment to enter the event. The answer was yes so use the ones offered by the club or bring (or make) your own. Though this is more of a “fun” event, it still has pretty good prizes. I may have extra river cane for darts (that’s what you call the 5-6 foot arrows) if you want to make your own so bring those extra arrowheads with you.

Important Details for October Fritztown Freetrappers Rendezvous!

Two updates for the October FF event in Shiner:

1.  BRIDGE IS OUT –  see below
The bridge on our usual route to the Shiner Rendezvous site is gone!
But there are two other routes to take, probably depending on whether you are coming from Shiner or Gonzales.
I have shown them as the Orange and Green on the attached map.
The shortcut on the Orange route is good for all but the largest campers, and even then, they have been removing some of the overhanging branches.
We will try to put out a few signs, but not on Hwy 90A.
Thanks to Craig, our highway engineer for the heads up.
From –
Iron Burner
Glenn Darilek

Update on the Fritztown Freetrappers Burn Ban

From Booshway Iron Burner . . . Below is info on the Burn Ban…..

Our Shiner site is in Gonzales County, which has a burn ban in effect.  This means:

“No burning of any combustible material outside a contained area that serves to contain all flames or sparks.”

To me, this means more than just metal fire rings.

Charcoal would be a good idea.

And as a safety measure we should have fire buckets full of water around every fire and never leave a fire unattended.

None of us could bear the thought of starting a grass fire, so please plan on meeting and exceeding the requirements.

Winter/Spring 2014 Events Update

Just updated the Events Page with some new events this winter:

Texas Association of Buckskinners will be having their Deep Winter rendezvous on a new place near Cameron, TX .    Big John is the booshway for this event, so you know it’ll be a good one.

Grey Wolf has put out the word that Texas Free Trappers will be hosting their 20th rendezvous out at the Shiner, TX site.   He’ll be having a work day for the site on Feb 1st.

It’s still a ways off, but The Fritztown Freetrappers spring rendezvous will be taking place at the 2nd Annual Living History Timeline event, just outside of San Antonio, TX.   Keep an eye out for details, as that should be a pretty awesome event.

Don’t forget about Southwest Regional Rendezvous – which will be hosted near Lampasas, TX.   It’s been a long time since it’s been in central Texas, so if you are in the area – don’t miss it!

Hope to see you down the trail!

– Many Rifles

Texas Archaeology Month – October 2013

Some recent details from Comrade Michael on some great upcoming Texas history events:

Texas Archaeology Month at the Brazoria County Historical Museum

October 3rd at 6:30pm: Alamo Artillery: Ampudia and a Real Cannon. As part of the Brazoria County Historical Museum’s Archeology Series, Dr. Gregg Dimmick will attempt to convince the audience, through historical data, that the brass cannon currently on loan to the Alamo from San Jacinto Battleground was actually at the Alamo in March of 1836.

October 10th at 6:30 pm: Prehistoric Appetites. Second of four in the museum’s Archeology Series, Jack Johnson will explore the life of prehistoric hunter gathers as it relates to weapons, edible plants, processing and cooking techniques. Artifacts and demonstrations will help bring to life the realities of our prehistoric ancestors.

October 17th at 6:30pm: Hatteras 150: Rediscovering the Naval Battle that Shaped the Civil War in Texas. Three of four in the museum’s Archeology Series, Andrew Hall will present the 1863 battle that sunk USS Hatteras, a Union warship whose mission was to help block the passage of supplies and arms to and from the Confederacy. 2013 marks the 150th anniversary of the only Union warship sunk in combat in the Gulf of Mexico.

October 24th at 6:30pm: Discovering the Bernardo Plantation. The final program in the museum’s Archeology Series, Charlie Gordy will reveal the latest excavation discoveries made at Bernardo Plantation, former home of Jared E. Groce and site of the Texas Revolution encampment of the Texian Army before the Battle of San Jacinto.

All programs are free and open to the public. The Brazoria County Historical Museum is located at 100 East Cedar Street in Angleton, Texas. For Information call 979-864-1208.