Fritztown Free Trappers March Rendezvous 2011

Hello Fellow Buckskinners,

The holidays are over and it’s time to start thinking about rendezvous! I know….I know…..that’s not until March….but March will be here before you know it and I wanted to give everyone a “head’s up” about what is in store for this event.

Kevin and Erma Kincaid will be the Booshways for the March 11-12-13 Fritztown Free Trappers Rendezvous. I find this very fitting because our March event is going to be a “Pilgrim’s Rendezvous”. Some of you may remember that Steve and I invited them to the last “Pilgrim’s Rendezvous” in Fredericksburg…….they came……they saw……they played……AND THEY WERE HOOKED…..all we did was reel them in!!!

They will be sending out the official flyer/letter in Febraury with all the details, but I wanted to let everyone know NOW because now is the time to invite all your friends who have always been wondering why grown men and women would want to spend a weekend playing dress-up and sleeping in tents that take more than 5 minutes to pop up!!!

Your friends can set up their modern day tent next to yours, come out in their t-shirts and shorts, and experience all the fun that we have at rendezvous.

This is also a great opportunity to sell off those clothes that are still in great shape, but too tight……that extra cast iron cookware that you no longer use……..knives……etc.

Steve has a couple of guys through work that are planning on attending and his brother is thinking about it. Blizzard has invited his kids/grandkids and I think his wife might actually come this time. So start thinking about who you want to bring and forward this email to them to give them some notice about this rendezvous.

REMEMBER……..MARCH 11-12-13th……

Pilgrim’s Rendezvous in La Vernia, Texas.

Full details to follow in February!

See ya’ll in March!

– Kathy “Hummingbird” Boyd