Blow Pipes – For Sale!

If you’re looking for something different to give as a gift for Christmas, how about a Blow Pipe? If you’re a campfire lover, or have a wood burning fireplace, a Blow Pipe makes it so much easier to start your fire. A Blow Pipe takes the place of a bellows, allowing you to start a fire from embers or kindling without singeing the hair off your face!

Have you ever tried to start a fire in the wind and rain? Our Blow Pipes enable you to start a fire in the worst of conditions by creating a draft directly at the source, whether you’re starting with kindling or reviving the embers from the night before.

Lightweight and portable, easy to use, they’re a must for every camp box and fireplace! Your handcrafted Blow Pipe is made from copper, with a handle that allows for hanging at your firepit or fireplace and comes with a real horse hair decoration!

Only $18.00 each plus shipping and handling!

Now taking orders for Christmas!

Give us a call at: (512)914-3660
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