Feedback on the site and correction

I received some nice comments earlier today on the site and also a correction:

Great article on beginning buckskinning but I must say there is a small error on your explanation of a Caplock rifle.  You say a small cap is used, called a nipple…. Yes a cap is used, but it is placed on the nipple, the nipple is an integral part of the make up of a caplock gun.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

You might want to look at my webpage as well.

Wynn “Bears Butt”

I fixed the page, but who knows how long I had that incorrect information on the site.  I guess it goes to show it takes a village to edit a website.

Thanks for the feedback and comments, “Bears Butt”!

Would love to hear how he got that rendezvous name! 🙂

Flier and details added for TFT Rendezvous XVII

Joe Wolf just sent out the flier, activities schedule and a map for his TFT Rendezvous XVII. It will be taking place November 8-11 near Shiner, TX.

For those who have never attended a TFT voo, Joe’s events are usually heavily focused on shooting – so if you are looking for a nice place to camp with plenty of opportunity to burn some powder, this will be a great event!

Get outside and enjoy the fall weather at a rendezvous near you.

More details are available on the events page.

Know about an event in your area? Send me the details!