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Editors note:  most of the content below is still pointing to the old website, but have no fear . . . it will be slowly migrated over to the high falutin’ WordPress site as well.

The following information comes from e-mail discussions among fellow skinners, usually on the TAB yahoo group. Though the content has been edited for readability, I have attempted to maintain the original intent of the author whenever possible. This information is presented free for educational use by fellow buckskinners. In the accidental event of copyright infringement, please contact me and I will take the offending content offline immediately. Special thanks to Magpie and Cutleg for their excellent commentary and suggestions.

The below topics are listed in alphabetical order.

Brain tan
Shift patterns

Food and Cooking
Acorns – Prepartion and Receipes
Cheese in the rocky mountains?
History of Dutch Ovens
Period Correct Foods
Recommended Reading

Fur Trade Personalities and Lore
Fur Trade Folks
Moutain Man Names – Quiz

Mountain Man Craft
Fixing leaky wooden mugs
Log Cabin Construction
Build your own projects

Other Rendezvous Groups
The Manual Lisa Party – AMM

Period Correct Ideas
18th century handwriting
Catching Fish on Horseback
Fur Trade Saddle and Tack
Oil cloth
Period Correct Eyeglasses
Rendezvous trade good documentation
Square nails
Waterproofing Ideas

Texas History Information
Early Flags of Texas

Thoughts on Modern Rendezvous
The links below are taken from an informal poll of TAB folks about their feelings on Rendezvous.
What IS rendezvous?
What does Rendezvous mean to you?
What do you expect out of rendezvous?
What do YOU do for rendezvous?

Women in the Fur Trade
Sally Scull