Update on Texas Association of Buckskinners Fall 2017 Rendezvous

Here are the details on the Texas Association of Buckskinners Fall 2017 Rendezvous, being held at the W.B. Ranch in Aquilla, Texas:

Events will include:
Canoe Rifle Shoot; Pistol Shoot; Fire Starting; Primitive Archery; Knife & Hawk; Canoe Jousting; Fishing Contest; Tea Time

If you would like to have a cooking contest, pie contest, or any other event please contact the Booshway with details and someone to run the event.

Bring CANOES and PADDLES if you have any available!!

If you plan to participate in the canoe rifle shoot or canoe jousting, you MUST provide your own U.S. Coast Guard approved Type III PFD (personal flotation device)



All T.A.B. rules apply. Pre-1840 dress and camps REQUIRED after set-up. No vehicles in camp after 9:00am Saturday October 28th.

This is the weekend before Halloween, so be sure to have some tricks or treats for any lil’ beasties that may come wandering through camp Saturday night.

T.A.B. will be holding an election for our two Advisory Board Member positions prior to Tea Time on Saturday. These positions are both for three (3) year terms. The advisory members assist the Board of Directors in club business matters. To have your name placed on the ballot you must be a paid T.A.B. member, be nominated and accept the nomination. Please do not nominate anyone for these positions without discussing it with them first. Voting will be conducted by anonymous written ballot. Current T.A.B. membership required to receive and cast a ballot.

This is also the weekend for annual dues renewal. $40.00 for a family membership; $25.00 for an individual.


Bill “Bobcat” Brewer (254) 749-6550
Josh “Just Josh” Kuntz (512) 619-9216

A State of Texas fishing license is required by law to fish in the Brazos River.

Burn Ban Update on TAB Fall Rendezvous – 2015

From Big John Donahoo:

I have spoken to the Leon County Judge’s Office today in reference to the burn ban variance I requested for the Club on Tuesday. The Leon County Judge has denied our request for a variance on the burn ban. There will be NO FIRES at TAB Fall Rendezvous next weekend. This includes metal fire pits & braziers. Please come prepared with either propane or alternative fuel stoves/cookers.

The 10-day forecast does call for rain next Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, but the County Judge’s Office says it is highly unlikely the Judge will issue any burn ban variances unless a majority of Leon County receives substantial rainfall. I will monitor the area weather and request the variance again if that rain does occur, but at this point it will have to be a “cold camp”.

For the Board of Directors,

John Donahoo
TAB President 2014-2016

Details posted for the Texas Association of Buckskinners Fall Rendezvous!

Come one, come all for Shinin’ Times at the TAB Fall 2015 Rendezvous!!

The booshway will be Bill “Bobcat” Brewer and events will include Rifle, Archery, Knife & Hawk, Fire Starting and the 1st Annual William Tell/Ernest T. Bass Rock Chunkin’.

Tea time will commence after the conclusion of events.

Mickey Dave Johnston has most graciously donated a 9’x9’x7’ wedge tent to be raffled off during Council Fire Saturday night. Tickets are available for purchase at Rendezvous. All proceeds benefit the Texas Association of Buckskinners.

More details, including directions are posted on the Events page.

Deep Winter TAB Update – Spear chunking and Atlatls at next Rendezvous

Update from Richard for the Texas Association of Buckskinners Deep Winter Rendezvous (Jan 24-26, 2015):

Since Linda Olsen will be running the spear chunking and atlatl events at our next rendezvous, I ask her if we are able to bring our own equipment to enter the event. The answer was yes so use the ones offered by the club or bring (or make) your own. Though this is more of a “fun” event, it still has pretty good prizes. I may have extra river cane for darts (that’s what you call the 5-6 foot arrows) if you want to make your own so bring those extra arrowheads with you.

Winter/Spring 2014 Events Update

Just updated the Events Page with some new events this winter:

Texas Association of Buckskinners will be having their Deep Winter rendezvous on a new place near Cameron, TX .    Big John is the booshway for this event, so you know it’ll be a good one.

Grey Wolf has put out the word that Texas Free Trappers will be hosting their 20th rendezvous out at the Shiner, TX site.   He’ll be having a work day for the site on Feb 1st.

It’s still a ways off, but The Fritztown Freetrappers spring rendezvous will be taking place at the 2nd Annual Living History Timeline event, just outside of San Antonio, TX.   Keep an eye out for details, as that should be a pretty awesome event.

Don’t forget about Southwest Regional Rendezvous – which will be hosted near Lampasas, TX.   It’s been a long time since it’s been in central Texas, so if you are in the area – don’t miss it!

Hope to see you down the trail!

– Many Rifles